Saturday, May 26, 2012

Firstie Friday: Reverse Engineering & Making Things Work

Hello, fellow 'Puffs!Today, I'd like to honor PprmntMochaMama, PMM, and her Owl-Standing Purse, which she reverse engineered from the Crochet Owl Purse. PMM's is pictured on the left above, while zoom yummy's is on the right. 

PMM linked her project to zoom yummy's though she didn't actually use the pattern, just drew her inspiration from it. She decided to use more traditional owl coloring, the belly is Aran Flex by RHSS, while the remainder of the body is RHSS's Fiesta in Brown, She used white for the eyes, with brown pupils, and a yellow beak. 

After extensive swatching and experimentation, PMM decided on a granny square style strap with one round of brown Fiesta yarn around the foundation chain, which was milk chocolate brown. The strap is long enough to enable the owl to hang at her hip opposite the shoulder the strap is draped across.

The making things work part of today's title comes into play when PMM began working on the face. The craft of crochet was not giving her the desired effect, so she switched it up to knit the base of the face and continue with crocheted rounds for the eyes. She used the differences between the looks of stockinette and garter stitch to put in "fold marks." She steam blocked the bag, and yet was still not finished.

Surprise! Surprise! What else is left to do? Why, she had to line the bag, making it useful for smaller items as well as things too big to fall through the stitches. She chose a pretty calico with orange and yellow flowers and hand sewed it in place, as the next pic shows. 

Oh, and, she started this project on the first day of term and finished it the next! Talk about being fast! Wowzers!

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