Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Staff

Today we're talking to theresmiling (AKA Elena) who is in charge of our Movie Thread (where they're watching Labyrinth this week)!

Tell us someting interesting about yourself.
Don’t know if this is interesing, but something that makes me different from most people I know is that I’m a lefty. Yay lefties!

What started you crafting?
As a kid it was school, of course. We had to crochet and sew and do some other fibre and needle crafts. Later it was interest and unemployment that brought me back into crafting and made me learn how to knit. My mother tought me how to knit and together we knitted my first sweater. That was four and a half years ago.

What’s the most exciting thing you crafted last term?
Hmm… maybe my Protego! e-reader sleeve. I wrote the pattern for Charms in February. It’s my first pattern, which makes it exciting. It can be downloaded on Ravelry. So go and fave, queue and knit it. ;o)

If you were granted three wishes, what would you ask for?
to always have a goal or a dream left to work towards,
to be able to travel to some places I’d like to visit (like Britain over and over, but also Iceland, Finland, Canada, etc.),
to only have nice people around, among them some really good friends.

We’re vacationing at your house this summer! Don’t panic, we’ll get hotel rooms but you have to entertain us. What local attraction are we going to go see?
Slight heartattack here. But I’m relieved you’ll be staying at a hotel.
I’m in the south of Germany, only about 30km south of Suttgart. So, what would I show you? All the pretty castles of course. And Stuttgart, where we can visit the Mercedes Benz Museum and the Prosche Museum, the world’s first television tower (that is also the first armoured concrete building), or the ballet (that is said to be one the world’s best and most famous). I would also take you geocaching through the beautiful landscape that we have here.

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