Saturday, June 9, 2012

Activities Update!

Points are in for May - did you do as well as you hoped? 
Have you seen all the NQFY's peeking around corridors?  They're exploring houses this month.  Fair warning:  I also invited them into all the activity threads, so you might see them there too.  I'm sure you'll all be friendly; you always are.
Anyway, here's what's been happening around the den:

Spinners: Spinning for quidditch! Spinning OWL!  "the roving seems to be turning itself inside out as I’m drafting it."  "I just need to figure out why the drive band always keeps falling/jumping off."  Lots of helpful answers in the spinning thread this week!
Library: Clarification on Summer reading challenge: E-books are OKListening vs reading in non-native languagesBook photos!
Tv/Movie: The Movie Crew is watching and crafting for Labyrinth (and there's a badge!).  Also: Poll for next movie weekend.
Cleaners: Cleaning updates.   Lost living roomsdiaper stripping?

Sock-along: The sock along has been quiet this week.  Everyone must be hard at work on their socks!
games: Yellow! WizardDruid!  Yep, the gamers are still at it; playing Last letter first.
 "I keep ending up with the wrong number of stitches." "how did you mark the round?"

Hufflepets has made a brief appearance to update us on TheWindWraith's collies enjoying their new backyard and vspringer's new pup!

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