Saturday, June 30, 2012

Activities Update

Last chance to turn in June Homework today! 

If you've been busy finishing up projects, here's what you might have missed around the den:

Spinners: Tour de Fleece starts next week!  Beginner helpHalf OwlFiber purchases (with Photo!) 

Library: Several people stopped in with book photos for a badge, including a Cookbook guarding Dragon, Reading Flamingos, An adorable elephant, a Mr Nilsson monkey, A sweater for reading in and bookmarks for the HMchallenge!

Tv/Movie: Theater goers have just about finished up with Grace Kelly, commenting on the slower pace of old movies and Hitchcock's filming style.
Also, the death of Nora Ephron and a reminder that the next crafting movie weekend is Star Trek July 13-15.

Cleaners: the laundry! tidy and clean - dusted and vacuumed. settled in the new apartmentCan I count weeding?

Sock-along: Dobby Socks for Dobby's birthday, Sock Progress, Tour de Sock,

games:  Yak!  Kindle!  Excellency!


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