Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Staff

Welcome to Sunday Staff - the blog post where we introduce you to one of the helpful Hufflepuff House staff members!
Today, we're going to meet Jen2291, the HECKmistress!

What shall we call you? Jen. Hey you, whatsername! works too.
What you do in muggle world? I work for a financial advisor, which is boring BUT I get to telecommute
from home, which is great. (And why I’m online all day!)
What’s your craft? I crochet. I crochet like a madwoman.
What project are you most proud of? The one that makes people smile and feel loved. I love my big projects… but it’s the silly hats that pay it forward.

Tell us something interesting about yourself. What an open ended question, how much time do we have? Here’s one: I am also a ‘woo-woo’ medium/angel reader and energy healer, and have been since childhood.
We’re all going out to eat, but it’s up to you to decide where. So, where are we going? The park for a picnic. Hopefully near the swings. (Because of multiple severe food allergies I can’t eat at restaurants.)
What one thing would you like to see happen this term? I want everyone to have FUN! (Of course if we continue our domination on the quidditch pitch, I wouldn’t be upset.)

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