Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunday Staff!

Welcome to Sunday Staff - the blog post where we introduce you to one of the helpful Hufflepuff House staff members!
Today, we're going to meet CJCary, our Cete assistant.

What shall we call you? CJ or CJCary

What you do in muggle world? Pharmacy Tech in a grocery store

What’s your craft? Crochet!

What project are you most proud of? Hard to choose, but probably Birthday Monkey

Tell us something interesting about yourself. There’s nothing interesting to tell. :)

We’re all going out to eat, but it’s up to you to decide where. So, where are we going? Chinese restaurant!

What one thing would you like to see happen this term? I’d love to see a big group project, similar to the giraffe stampede we did in HECK a few terms ago…something to overwhelm a class or two. Whether washcloths or tawashis (I’m thinking small, easy to make projects) or ninjas or something…I think that’s a lot of fun. Maybe something in Puff colors?


  1. Adorable monkey! And I really enjoyed the giraffe stampede too! That was a lot of fun.