Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Staff!

Welcome to Sunday Staff - the blog post where we introduce you to one of the helpful Hufflepuff House staff members!
Today, we're going to meet JMN, our Pointsy Prefect!

What shall we call you?
Joannie (as in “loves Chachi”, rhymes with baloney)

What you do in muggle world?
I’m a stay at home mom of 5. Three of them are homeschooled. I basically wander around all day wondering where all this laundry came from. There’s always someone to feed and there’s always someone talking at me.

What’s your craft?
I knit and crochet a lot. I sew when I can. I dabble a little in spinning, weaving, and dying. I’d like more time for the last three so I can get good enough to jump in the conversation but the learning takes thinking and there’s not a lot of thinking time in my day.

What project are you most proud of?
Definitely the Neville Sweater! It’s my crowning achievement!

I’m pretty proud of my Breezy Cables cardigan because it was challenging, gorgeous, and my first sweater.

Tell us something interesting about yourself.
Other than the 5 kids, I don’t know what would be considered interesting. To the non-muggles out there, my craftiness is interesting. But since everyone here can craft like crazy, I don’t know that I stand out in any way. I’m going to Scotland in May…that’s interesting, right? It’s a second honeymoon for us.

We’re all going out to eat, but it’s up to you to decide where. So, where are we going?
To a Chinese restaurant. I love Chinese food but it’s too hard to make (tasty) at home. Everything I try turns out bland.

What one thing would you like to see happen this term?
You know how at the end of each month and at the end of term everyone’ll start chiming in with their points or how many classes/advanced studies they completed? I’d like for everyone to post that they finished everything they meant to without stressing about it or going overboard.


  1. still in awe over your Neville Sweater ;)


  2. That is just soooooo beautiful!