Monday, January 23, 2012

Missions (to be) Accomplished

I think that we all know about the "secret" society, Order of the Phoenix. For those that don't know, they are the Special Forces of the Wizarding World, stepping on the front lines and taking on the most dangerous missions. This term, I am proud to announce that we have many Hufflepuff members taking on BROOM Missions. This list is secret, so please be certain to keep this information to under wraps.

Central Command

Jenn2291, MsOyster, acwmaiden, and mshuffles will also be taking on the #12 Grimmauld Place Mission. They will be running central command with projects that start at the center.

Kokopelli99, PatriciaO, tinfu, nwheatley, tannina, rubypearl, Marushka, costumer47, finasc, and sdhsmc86 are Secret Keepers. Our thoughts are with them as they attempt to craft in the dark where no eyes can see their work.

Security Operations

Solfjader, Acemom, Grafovna, briezee, minsue, bryshamom, peanutzmom, littlefit, smbennett, lleavid, CanaryBlue, hydra-star, fluttervale, KnitForBrains, hawthorn, and travelista will be patrolling the halls of Hogwarts and disguising themselves as OWLS students to keep the young wizards safe.

kerryespins, hudfamsix, and knittingsheeple will be setting up fortifications around the perimeter of the Forbidden Forest.


We have some wizards working on recruiting allied creatures: Lea67000 will work on recruiting nifflers. Thaurisil will work on recruiting unicorns. Timeless1 will recruit Gryphons. Nargles are craftyshanna's specialty. Kazpatch will work on building relations with the Centaurs.

We also have wizards working on recruiting foreign wizards: lanismom, billingbear, KristiRose, senkatnovo, JMN, and stitchbot will be taking on this important task.

Undercover Operations

High-Risk Spell Casting involves dangerous and complicated spells, and sometimes creating your own spells. I am proud to see that Hufflepuff has so many qualified operatives working on this mission: sleepydaisy, Hale, WomblingStar, Shawn, bellymonster, JMN, bewilderbeast, and toadyjoe.

We also have undercover operatives working at Gringotts. Good luck infiltrating, MediaPeruana, ScarletFever, and cariboustar.

I know that we are all really excited to see the progress made on these missions from our brave operatives! Good luck to all the Hufflepuff Order members. I can't wait to see your BROOMS!

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  1. Love it! Can't wait to see everyone's work.
    Oh wait... shhhh... it's a secret.
    *looks around furtively*

    Nevermind. Yeah, um, how about those muffins?! Those house elves are top notch!