Tuesday, January 31, 2012

HECK is on fire!

January is almost over, but HECK is still aflame with last minute class ideas and turn ins.  If you think you can squeeze one more assignment in, and need help finding a place for it - don't be shy about playing a round of Stump the HeckMistriss.

The last day of January also means many students are wondering what February will bring!  Class descriptions go up tomorrow, and when they do, we'll have a group class challenge.  In the meantime, let's Share the Love in February... including our Hufflepets.

If the monthly theme just doesn't work for you, we have alternate and House Pride ideas.  Last but not least, we'll have new spreadsheets and other tools to help you succeed in class as well.

So here's to a craft filled February - craft what you LOVE!

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