Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Snooping with the House Elf Liaison

It's a well known fact amongst wizards that House Elves are notoriously nosy. The fact that employed House Elves are bound by strict silencing spells is the only thing that keeps the daily habits of their households under wraps.

So, today, let's let them snoop around a bit in our refrigerators...
The House Elves want to know... What's in your fridge right now?


  1. Waaaay too much--we have 3 days of holiday coming up starting tonight so I have meat and vegetables for 6 meals plus snack treats for the kids; PLUS Sunday there's a Boy Scout camping trip for which somehow my son had to do all the shopping, so there's all the milk, cheese, veggies, and more for 25 people in bags on my fridge shelves!

  2. I've got milk, eggs, cheese, summer sausage, carrots, more cheese, water bottles, yogurt, about 10 kinds of jam/jelly/fruit butter, real butter, cream cheese, bagels, and bread! =D The freezer has frozen blueberries, a bag of frozen assorted fruit, and three different kinds of alcohol! Party at my place!

  3. Milk, tons of milk, butter, eggs, yogurt, jams, sausages, some meat, cream, beer. In the freezer i've got more meat, meatballs, sausages, french fries, lunchboxes, some pizza, ice cream and bilberries, strawberries and raspberries.

  4. I have strawberry preserves, eggs, Diet Vernor's, Diet Birch Beer, yeast, sticks of butter, and some goat cheese.

    My roommate has bread, lite Publix yogurt, turkey (lunchmeat), american cheese slices, brie, and lemonade. There might be some Coke in there too...

    Yeah... it's a mini-fridge in a dorm room - it's a little odd.

    Oh, and there's cookie dough in the freezer.

  5. this is fun!
    I have milk, eggs, butter, yogurt, cheddar cheese, cream cheese, parmesan cheese, and some weird dry salty cheese my husband likes.
    (that's a lot of dairy for a mostly vegan!)
    tortillas. lots of um. salsa, about 10 different kinds. I'm on a tomatillo kick now. chutney. two different kinds.
    whole wheat flour and cornmeal. brown rice (eek! three half full bags!) oatmeal. (I keep all my grains in the meat bin, since I don't buy meat)
    a coveted bottle of upperend sauv blanc from my brother in law's winery in New Zealand, bought to drink when my niece/nephew is born. Any day now!
    oh, and maraschino cherries. because if you add cherries to ANYTHING a three year old will consume it.
    lettuce, carrots, grapes, zucchini (about 10 lbs. it takes up half a shelf), broccoli
    and embarrassing number of pickles. silly!

  6. Yogurt, skim milk, variety of cheeses, an assortment of condiments, homemade jam, home canned cherries, veggies from the garden, fruits from the store, bagels, eggs, half a jar of spaghetti sauce, tortillas, and about a 1/2 cup of ground beef leftover from last night's tacos.

  7. Lowfat, skim, and soy milk, cheddar, gouda, and goat cheese, yogurt, hummus, some hot dogs to hide the dog's medication in, couple jars of jam, lots of jars of mustard, salad dressing, ketchup, butter, eggs, beets, leeks, swiss chard, carrots, half an onion, cantaloupe, apples, peaches, nectarines, apple juice, grapefruit Perrier, beer, lots of Diet Coke, chocolate pudding, leftover Mexican takeout and some canned coffee drinks.