Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Good Ol' Fashioned Challenge

It's week 2, and the group projects are rolling along. Several students are preparing to storm History of Magic later in the month with the Giraffe Stampede, and maybe a few other classes. We're aiming to submit the giraffes the weekend of the 24th. So far we have a couple of ideas going for the story...Chamber of Spots, Giraffes roaming the castle pictures, and some combination of the two. I'll (hopefully) post the final story next week to get you inspired to finish your giraffes!

The September Yardage Challenge is underway, as well. Calculate the yardage of every project you finish in September. It's ok if it started the month as a wip, just calculate the total yardage for the project and post it in the challenge thread with your running tally. Our Badgertastic winner for August is SuperM, with ~1860 yards. Wow!

Finally, we had our first Yarntastic Yellow Huffleteer last week. Briezee made some badgertastic yellow accented socks and shoes for her 27 year old cabbage patch kid, Tania, and submitted it to Potions. Way to go, Briezee!

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