Thursday, September 16, 2010

First Half-Way Check

So we're officially into the second half of September. How are your projects going? Do you need inspiration?

The Quidditch Tie-Along is expanding to include other houses, and our Captain, Yarnvista, had a Badgertastic idea for our House Pride Exhibition in October:

As Captain, I’d like to make the suggestion that maybe as many ‘Puffs as possible make a House Tie for Regular Quidditch and then we could maybe make a massive Cheer during one of the Exhibition Days, maybe the first day, where we could post pictures of ourselves, loved ones, and pets wearing said ties in a huge yellow and black wave of House Pride!!! That would also free up our Exhibition days to make the other kinds of projects that don’t qualify for regular Quidditch, like bags and washcloths and bookmarks and blankets and every other thing that isn’t a garment. Of course, if you really want to make a garment for the Exhibition, that’s okay too.

The Giraffe Stampede is progressing! We've made the following outline for project submission dates:

So, I’m thinking that the giraffes could stampede on the 24th and 25th. Then any leaf-related projects could help round them up on the 25th and 26th. Finally (this is a new twist because I’m not going to get a giraffe made, but do want to stampede), the giraffe cleanup crew will be along to sweep up any ‘debris’ on the 26th and 27th (I’m going to make a swiffer cover, but a dishcloth would do -- lots of giraffe nose-snuffle marks to wipe up). ~Minsue

This is what we have for the story, which is a compilation of story bits from needlesnswiffers, vspringer, tiggersjp, purplesparkler, and myself. The adorable giraffe picture was created by bellymonster.
The Room of Requirement, a magical part of Hogwarts Castle, is many different things to many different people. Hufflepuffs through the centuries have utilized the Room of Requirement as the Chamber of Spots to study kindness, being gentle, meditation, hugs, and baking. You enter the Chamber of Spots once you have mastered enough purpletongue from your Mama or Papa Badgers to ask the room to enter. The Chamber of Spots earned its name, because Hufflepuffs love giraffes. Giraffes have a quiet, serene nature; they so closely match our colors, and because they’re highly useful when you need to pull ingredients for recipes off of top shelves.

In the spirit of kindness and hugs, the House Elf Crafting Klatch decided to bring some good cheer to the free elf Winky. As everyone who has read Goblet of Fire will know, Winky didn’t enter the ranks of the free house elves gracefully. The members of HECK felt that Winky could find comfort in the giraffes, and learn to be at peace with her new lot in life. We entered the Chamber of Spots looking for gifts for her. We found coasters and cozies, garments and toys. All things we felt would lift the spirits of dear Winky. Upon leaving, however, we discovered that the door to Chamber was ajar, and one of the most curious giraffes had escaped!

After spending most of his Sunday afternoon following the Hufflepuffs as they ran round the corridors attempting to retrieve the Giraffe, Hagrid told us that “giraffes oughter be able to run free”. We didn’t quite like to release it into the Forbidden Forest (how would we look after it?), so we coaxed the giraffe with leaves, leading it to the Transfiguration room. Professor McGonagall enchanted the giraffe into a painting, which we put down in the kitchen for Winky. You can now find our gentle friend wandering paintings throughout the castle.


Currently, I'm planning to post the story to History of Magic the morning of the 24th, and then it will all progress from there. I'm super excited to see all of the giraffe projects come together!

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  1. I *LOVE* the stories mashed together, and this whole post is great!!

    ~ needlesnswiffers