Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pantry Soup with the House Elf Liaison

You know the day before the big shopping trip? When the food available doesn't quite add up to a meal? Some people call it Pantry Soup, some people call it "Cheesy Grapefruit Surprise", here is your chance to share the food you make with the dregs left in the kitchen.

The House Elves want to know... What is your most (or least!) successful thrown together meal?


  1. Random meat, random veggies, thinned alfredo sauce and seasonings on pasta. I call it "cleaning out the fridge".

  2. I call it ordering out...My fridge rarely holds odds and ends as I shop with meals in mind.

  3. Frittata! Also known as ombled eggs in our household. Use a pan that can go under a broiler, I use mongo the 12" diameter cast iron pan. Saute up whatever vegies are available in some olive oil, potatos sliced 1/4" thick and sliced onions are classic, but a couple nights ago it was spinach and mushrooms, season the vegies to suit your taste. The spinach and mushrooms got lemon juice, parsley, garlic, salt, and pepper. Mix two eggs per person with a splash of white wine, or water if you don't tipple (not milk!) Pour it over the cooked vegies. When it's still wet sprinkle liberally with whatever cheese you have, with the above mentioned spinach and mushroom concoction it was crumbled feta cheese, and broil briefly to make it goldeny yummy and cooked on top. Serve it with good bread and salad and it's comfort food heaven :o)

  4. my 'thing' lately is getting rid of all this crazy zucchini and squash.
    I spray a glass baking dish. Chunk up (or slice- if you are methodical) about three squash/zuccs/whatever and spread them out. Mix a 'cream of' soup and milk or use a can of coconut milk if you are vegan sometimes (I'm talking to myself) Throw in some wilting basil leaves or thyme from the garden (once again- myself) Maybe layer some cheese on top of the veg and pour the goopy stuff over the top. Sprinkle the top with crushed crackers or croutons or fried onions or tortilla chips (good if you used cilantro instead of the other herbs) Bake for 30-45 minutes. I also steam some rice to go with it.

    I have a billion weird use it up dinner ideas. and some of them actually have meat. I'll brainstorm a bit.