Saturday, February 25, 2012

Activities Summary! Week 8

I hope you all had fun at (and got lots of badges from) last weekend's Hogsmeade trip!  In case you got distracted, here's what you might have missed this week around the den:

Spinners: Kazpatch returned from her week off and we had a discussion of spinning related accessories.  

Library: What to read next?  The Phryne Fisher has been made into a TV series!

Swedish Chef: More Veg (and "Veg-Inspired") discussion.

Cleaners: The horrors of cleaning the kitchen, just to have it become a mess again. And a new dress!

Sock-along: Warm and comfy socks, Colorful socks, and Pattern Help.

Pets: Huffle-pets was quiet this week.  Come in and make next week’s Huffle-pets summary more exciting!

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