Saturday, February 18, 2012

Activities Summary: Week 7

This weekend, Hogwarts is hosting a Hogsmeade Weekend!   I hope you all are getting out and involved in all the exciting badge-collecting madness!

Here’s what else has been happening around the Den:

Spinners: Kazpatch is on vacation but there is still shiny new fiber to show off!

Library: Working at a library holds hidden dangers!  Jasper Fforde as a good read.  Book club reads.

Swedish Chef: Vegetarian cooking and boxed lunches were the major themes this week.  There’s a LOT of Vegetarian discussion.

Cleaners: A to-do List!

Sock-along: Shiny Sock yarn!

Pets: Huffle-pets was quiet this week.  Come in and make next week’s Huffle-pets summary more exciting!

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