Saturday, February 11, 2012

Activities Summary: Week 6:

Spinners: Leaping into February with spinning what you love!   What do you do when your spindle is full?   New Toy  Half Owl Kaypendragon is going to be the substitute Kazpatch next week.

Library:  Lots of new book recomendations, including “Socks from the toe up”,The Inquisitor’s Apprentice and “Lord of the Rings”.

Swedish Chef: Crockpot recipes! Fun Meatloaf Kids cooking!

Cleaners: Meal Planning and a Less than Successful cleaning week.

Sock-along: Croc socks, Miss Marple socks January socks and Sock questions.

Pets: Snake in a new knitted house Puppy!  and a Reading Therapy dog!

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