Sunday, December 8, 2013

Staff Chocolate Frogs: Final Round

So real life has been hectic so here it is: all the last hints from the Fall 2013 staff. The current standings are:

1.  LadyDragonsinger - 7 points
1. Kalmia Latifolia - 7 points
3. lucamama - 3 points
3. MKmaineknitter - 3 points
5. ashleybah - 2 points
5. VampiratKnits - 2 points
7. AuburnChick - 1 point

However, as I'm posting a mass entry now - this is anybody's game! Winner gets a special badge all for them an a $5 pattern download. So let's look at the rest of the staff!

Answers for this week are due Tuesday 12/10 by 9pm EST (New York)

9. This witch has been helping in one of Hufflepuff's newest activities this term - tracking everybody's contributions! She has two very cute cats and learned to knit so she could make herself a Harry Potter scarf - and hasn't stopped since!

10. This witch is in charge of Hufflepuff Athletics. Beyond that she loves roller derby, books, and the Oxford comma.

11. Along with #4 this witch has been helping in one of Hufflepuff's newest activities this term with tracking contributions!  She has five children and two grandchildren. She loves pink and is also an OWL Mistress

12. This witch pulls double duty as a cete mama and being in charge of a Hufflepuff publication. She has a dog and cat, both named after Harry Potter characters, and loves the color blue.

13. This witch stalks your projects and asks you to come show them off in her thread. Besides that  she is a scientist by day and a singer and cookie baker by night. She also has an almost 3 year old son.

14. This witch helps you keep on track in a recently re-named Hufflepuff thread.  She also has a young son and another son on the way very soon! Her favorite "curse" word is "dangnabit!"

15. This witch is one of three who can help you fit you projects into various prompts. She also is in charge of shipping for one of Hufflepuff's newest activities. She has five kids and loves colors of any kind.

16. Our youngest witch on staff is a cete mama. She is a homeschooling student, loves homemade and handmade items, and besides knitting and crocheting also sews, embroiders, and draws.

17. This witch loves to play games with you in her thread! Besides crocheting and knitting she teaches swim lessons, spends time with her 6 kids, 4 grandchildren, 3 dogs, & 2 tutrtles. One year her whole family dressed up as characters from Harry Potter for Halloween!

18. This witch is a cete mama in what I hear is a rather chatty cete. She has two sons and has started designing for knit and crochet recently.

19. While this witch was SOS this term she was still on staff helping you find people who had something you wanted or wanted something you have. She began knitting in 5th grade and crocheting more recently. She began designing around the time she learned to crochet. All of her patterns are free!

20. This sweet cete mama is also a mama to four children and also has 5 hens!

21. This cete mama has 2 kids, 4 grandchildren, and a spoiled rotten West Highland White terrier who is named for a Harry Potter character.

22. This witch helps you fit your projects into various prompts throughout the cup. She has two kids, two grandchildren, and two dogs (lots of twos!). While she's been crocheting her whole life she mostly does granny squares. She also dabbles in design.

23. This cete mama from "down-under"  has two daughters, a cat, a dog, and two budgies (I'm pretty sure these are birds). She loves TV shows, mostly sci-fi and crime shows from both sides of the pond.

Remember! Your answers are due by PM to baxgirl by Tuesday, December 10th at 9pm EST (New York)

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