Monday, December 9, 2013

Guest Posts: For the Love of Hufflepuff

From this break month's PuffleCards II comes three guest posts about the loves of Hufflepuff.

Honey Badger Cete
by thatgirl1225

This was my first term as a full student of the House Cup. I knew very early on in my NQFY term that I wanted to be sorted into Hufflepuff. I could feel a sense of family, here in Hufflepuff. As a Firstie, I was not let down at all! Between the camaraderie in the Uncommon room to the warmest welcome and embracing I received in my cete (go Honey Badgers!), I felt like I had snuggled into my perfect corner of the Den. I knew I didn’t ever want to leave! I have truly enjoyed the competitive push I got from my fellow Puffs; I wanted to contribute as much as I could to our points, but I also never felt like I was being pushed to give more than I could (for several weeks, I was out with an elbow injury).
My hats are off to all of our staff members in Hufflepuff! Between the activities, spreadsheets, cheerleading and help, our Puff staffers have done a fantastic job making this term go by so smoothly (and quickly!!). I know that I used a ton of the tidbits throughout the Den, as well as getting direct help from my cetemamas (craftyshanna and RavenLuna) and cetemates. One day, I hope to be in a position in my life where I can be a staffer, give back a little of what I’ve gotten during just my first term!
The people in Hufflepuff have been the warmest, friendliest, and most encouraging folks that I’ve met online in a very long time! I used to be part of an online community, where I felt like I had found a family, but it unfortunately didn’t last. Now, in Hufflepuff, I’m feeling like I’ve found that again and it feels so good! I’ve made quite a few friends, particularly in my cete, although when looking back I realize that it wouldn’t have been hard because Hufflepuff is filled with such awesome people!
I love Hufflepuff for all these reasons, plus it would just be plain hard not to! The muffins don’t hurt, either!

From WAgirl98

I am a Knitting Ninja. At least according to the pin I have on my knitting bag. I stealthily transform ordinary yarn into extraordinary things.
However, this year, in the midst of making numerous items for Christmas gifts I found that I lost my drive to make those extraordinary things. I was ending up with Works-In-Progress, not much drive to finish them, and nothing made for myself.
I have actually been a member of the Cup group for awhile, but never participated. After a couple others, a fellow Hufflepuff and a Slytherin, encouraged me to try it I signed up and am so glad I did! The class assignments gave me fun ways to finish many of those Works-In-Progress, start and finish other projects, and to make myself something in my queue I had wanted to make for a long long time. It was structured without boxing me in. I had a deadline, but was able to fit whatever I wanted to make into the prompts.
This is why I love my Hufflepuff Family and the HouseCup! Now I have my Knitting Ninja mojo back again and I’m looking forward to Pufflecards during the break month, and a second tearm next month!

Ch-ch-changes, The Hufflepuff Way
by LadyDragonsinger

I hate change.
Totally absolutely can’t stand it.
Doesn’t mean I won’t do it but I don’t like the upheaval involved.
I took a rather long sabbatical from the House Cup after it’s second year. It was the fact that some changes had been made in how it was organized that allowed a friend to convince me to do so. This was not enough change to terrify me as it really did not fully affect me. It was a change that I did not actually have to “live through” as it were.
However, when I left, Hufflepuff Common Room was simply one thread on the House Cup Group so I was a bit surprised when I didn’t see it (or any common rooms) on the discussion board there. That is until I found out it was a group of it’s own.
Now, we’re getting into scary territory. BIG change. Whole new group. New ways of interacting in the group.
Cue me being dragged into this virtually kicking and screaming. I had decided it was too big and too scary for me to do anything more than maybe converse in the Common Room thread. That lasted one day when I woke up to find several pages of conversation that had to be read.
Okay, fine, I decided. I would just do my projects, post my classes, notify the Den with posts in the Common Room thread that I had posted my classes and Advanced Studies. That worked fairly well for my first term back.
Then the Pufflecards post went up and I thought there was no way I’d do much there. coughcough managed to get a complete set coughcough
But I still wasn’t thrilled about how the simple thread for the house had become this big active group. However, it turns out there was another change in store. This term we were required to be in a cete. I’m not a joiner and, in case you hadn’t realized it yet, I’m not thrilled with change. I had no idea what cete would be a good fit but I remembered posting in one last term for a challenge so when we had to fill in which one we wanted, I picked that one.
Change can be good.
waits for audience to recover from the shock of me saying that
This one was. I found the cete to be warm, welcoming and supportive. I even branched out and posted in and used “The Hufflepuff Way” thread and Huffletainment and a few other threads I’d never thought I’d be involved in.
Change can be good. Cetes can be and are very good. The Hufflepuff Way does work.

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