Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Staff Chocolate Frogs: Round 2

Sorry for the delay in Staff Chocolate Frogs! I was on vacation and then moved...crazy!

The standings currently are at:
1. LadyDragonsinger - 3 points
1. Lucamama - 3 points
1. KalmiaLatifolia - 3 points
1. MKmaineknitter - 3 points
5. Ashleybah - 2 points
5. Vampiratknits - 2 points
7. Auburnchick - 1 point

There will be a total of 23 points so it's not too late to join!

Now for this round. Answers are due Thursday, October 31st (Happy Halloween!)) by 9pm EST ( New York time)

4. This witch keeps lots of things organized around the house! She mostly crochets but also knits, spins, dyes, and is learning to quilt. She also collect amber jewelry!

5. This witch stalks your projects and posts them on your special day! She also spends a lot of time in the Huffletainment center. She knits, weaves, dyed, and crochets. She loves being a grandmother and has an awesome yarn room in her house!

6. This witch also spends a lot of time in Huffletainment. She knits, spins, and dyes. She is also starting to crochet more and more. She's also a lefty!

7. This witch supervises and runs many extracurricular activies in Hufflepuff! She mostly knits but does do a little crochet and dying. In college she spent a few months each year sleeping in a tent to sit in the front row at Duke basketball games. 

8. This witch does a lot of organizing of Hufflepuff Advanced Studies students, keeping them motivated and being an awesome cheerleader. She is a knitter and a crocheter, having knitted longer. She also loves spreadsheets!

PM your guesses to baxgirl by 9pm on Halloween!

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  1. *see a lot of tears* I missed this round......