Friday, December 20, 2013

November Puff Prizes!

Let's hear it for the great Hufflepuffs who have been nominated for Prizes in November!  We walked away with 24 nominations!  Way to goooooooo 'Puffs!

First, let's break it down by Advanced Studies:

(I LOVE this Moyen Age!)

OWLs: Puffs have 4  nominations (way to dominated!)

seljatar 's spinning

AriadneWebb's beautiful shawl

craftyshanna's lovely shawl

humppa's nativity scene

The Extra Curriculars:

Order of the Pheonix:

frimptes's beautiful knee high socks


costumer47's Ducky Blanket Squares

AriadneWebb's doilies

And now.... classes! 

Detention/Forbidden Forest:

Lepida's blanket square

nummanumma's sweater


lea67000's nativity scene

AriadneWebb's doily

KarenRedBaron's Star blanket

Potions/Seven Chambers:

Marushka's Shawl

History Of Magic/Mirror of Erised

Katelemmers's Shawl

Herbology/Devil's Snare

mma's spinning

Flying/Chamber of Keys

PrincessOnica's Shawl

DADA/Troll's Chamber:

frimptes's squirrel

Charms/Enchanted Chess

NarsissaM's Sheep Ornament

LadyDragonSinger's Tardis blanket

tinfu's Fairies

Astronomy/Philosopher's Stone

lea67000's fox sweater

AriadneWebb's Doily

clmnj58's baby blanket and sweater

Huzzah Hufflepuffs!

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