Sunday, September 29, 2013

Homework Highlights

There's still over a day of September left to get in some last-minute homework, Badgers---I know I've got several projects in various stages of completion going on for my usual end-of-the-month-homework-rush!

But from more timely students than I, here are some amazing turn-ins from the second half of September.

broknmachin14 wowed me with these wonderful photographs of her dyeing project---there's a skull, guys.  And candles! And mysterious bottles of blood dye!

anneknits made a hat I would love to be wearing, come winter.

And a tinier hat, which comes with a cheer from me for CharityUK for conquering her fear of crochet by making it!

andy8715, a braver crocheter than I, made this awesome basket with plarn.  (Yarn made from plastic bags---a very cool idea, but really hard on the hands.)

finasc finished her second bear for the Mother Bear Project.

Skrewkat completed this zigzagalicious cowl.

Humppa combined knitting and crochet in this elegant candle cozy.

KateLemmers spun this beautiful Falkland wool.

VampiratKnits visited the Leaky Cauldron with this most excellent pair of flip-flop socks.

lucamama made a fantastic transforming rabbit/top hat (not pictured here: top hat.  see her project page for more photos).

Marushka did an epically awesome turn-in for this pretty baby blanket---lots of fun photos, lots of adorable story.

Stay tuned for next week, when I'm going to start flailing about Halloween themed projects---I already have some earmarked from September, but I expect October to make them increase exponentially, and I can't wait.

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my hat! These are all excellent projects. Go Hufflepuff!