Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall 2013 OWLs!!

We had a whopping 87 (provided I counted right) Hufflepuffs approved for OWLs this term! Comparatively 96 Slytherins were approved, 87 Gryffindors, and 98 Ravenclaws (again, provided I counted right as I am doing this while watching Alaska: The Last Frontier and trying to find patterns for their knitted hats). 

As we are now into October midterms can be turned in at any point from now (well, a few days ago) and October 31st (Halloween!). Midterms earn 75 points for the house. However, if for some reason you do not meet your midterm you can still turn in your final in November if you finish for 125 points. 

Now let's check in on some Hufflepuffs who have already turned in their midterms!

shagma has already turned in her 50% - one of her awesome O.W.L mittens from the Harry Potter Unofficial Knits magazine for Ancient Runes!

The books at the bottom of her photo is a set of the brand new HP books that her boyfriend got her to cheer her on. How sweet!

Lanismom has also turned in her 50% on her Transfiguration OWL

I love the colors in this beautiful, soon to be steeked, sweater!

First year jpester turned in the 50% on her Muggle Studies OWL - another pattern from the Harry Potter Unofficial Knits magazine - the Ginny sweater!

I can't wait to knit this sweater too!

ashleybah has also turned for her Arithmancy OWL 75 of her 150 proposed Hexipuffs!

So cute!

kirsts finished this stocking for her CoMC OWL and her soon to be born baby!

This will be a great family heirloom!

Don't worry, there's plenty of time to finish your 50% on your OWL but congrats to these Puffs who are on top of it!

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