Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Early Bird Badgers: First Day of Term Turn-Ins

Sunday was the first day of a brand new term at the House Cup, and while there's been a change of scenery for September and we're meeting in the various shops of Diagon Alley, our intrepid badgers were undaunted by this upheaval, and got crafting with lightning speed and enviable skill. 

To begin with, a special cheer for Lea67000, who was not only the first badger to turn in a project (in the form of a charming moon and stars hexipuff) at this month's Detention Classroom, she also swung by the Apothecary,  Quality Quidditch Supplies, and Flourish & Blotts with more!

Lyonette also paid visits to both the Apothecary and Quality Quidditch Supplies with some mini granny square motifs.

Torsparkles made the Magical Menagerie much more adorable with her sweet knitted fish and beautiful cat.

littlefit christened Potage's Cauldron Shop with this pleasingly coloured dishcloth.

Meanwhile, back in Detention (currently being held in the Leaky Cauldron)...

 Another very pretty hexipuff, this time from thatgirl1225.  I love that yarn.

And our first Sock Turn-In of the term by Jenstc2003, Monkey socks that are causing me more yarn envy.

There were plenty of other garment projects, too.  A gorgeous baby sweater by Chococupcake, a hat in amazing yarn by texaninalaska, some clothes for a bunny by Suseknits (click the link for extra cute), a crocheted baby sweater that made me think ooh, I have to try that pattern! by vtgirl, and a hat in swoonworthy colourwork by PatriciaO.

There's nothing like a little Detention to nudge one into some limb-attaching on an unfinished toy.  Webschaf submitted this mischievous monkey, and Twirlymom delighted me with the lovely Sheldon the turtle.

We are off to an amazing start, fellow Puffs, and I can't wait to see what you all make this term, and share some of my favourites on the HuffleBlog.  And if you're stuck, the Room of Requirement is there to help you find the right place for your projects.


  1. We're off to a strong start with all these pretty things on the first day.

    Great blog past, Slothmuffin!

  2. Great blog post! Love seeing all the beautiful projects!

  3. :Blushing: Great post and go badgers!