Friday, April 6, 2012

More Completed OWLS

Ready for the last installment of final OWLs?
We have some more seriously impressive work by our fellow puffs!

frimptes toiled away on cabling to produce this sweater for her Herbology OWL.

Marushka produced this lovely Sipalu bag for her Potions OWL. (If you click on the link to her project page, you will see that she more pictures of this bag... including some showing that it is FULLY LINED!)

MediaPeruana completed her History of Magic OWL by knitting a stylish beret representing Fleur Delacour, a Wildflower Cardigan representing Professor Sprout, and a rustic shawl that Professor Trelawney would be proud to wear.

PrivateJane showed her lace-knitting skills off by completing this lovely shawl for her Charms OWL.

simplyme5252 completed her Herbology OWL by knitting a gorgeous cabled sweater for herself.

WomblingStar completed her Muggle Studies OWL by knitting an impressive Melia cardigan.

acwmaiden crocheted A New Hug to show off her skills in Charms.
knitsNhikes represented Walburga Black with a vest, Arabella Figg with slippers, and Moaning Myrtle with a Saroyan scarf for her History of Magic OWL.

craftyshanna completed her History of Magic OWL by knitting a pair of socks for each of 3 characters: Ginny Weasley, Nymphadora Tonks, and Cho Chang.

All together, we had about 30 completed OWLs from Hufflepuff this term! All of them were stunning. If you missed any of the projects, please sure to check out these posts to catch up.
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I tried to feature all of our outstanding Hufflepuff OWLS as they were turned in. If I missed any projects, no offense was intended. Just met me know and I will add you in!

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