Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Completed OWLs

Wow! Did we ever have a good turnout on OWLs!
There were some seriously impressive projects turned in!
I have tried to keep up with the projects as they were turned in, but the last week of classes yielded an unwieldy number of OWLs turned in, so I will be splitting this post in to two (rather large) posts.
Anyway, without further ado...

msoyster completed her History of Magic OWL. She knit a Henley Sweater to go along with her Woolie Wellies, Turn a Square Hat, and Ingram scarf, which were completed for the 50% mark.
lanismom knit a featherweight cardigan with a decorative border for her Defense Against the Dark Arts OWL.
nwheatley knit four pairs of socks for her Arithmancy OWL. (1, 2, 3, 4)
GardeniaPatti pushed her new knitting skills to the limit with her CoMC OWL. She knit a basic pair of mitts and then knit more difficult Kensington Mitts.
kirsts tried her hand at steeking for her Transfiguration OWL badge and the results were a beautiful Sleepy Monkey blanket.
paulinaknits completed her HoM OWL with 4 seperate projects: Seamless Raglan Sweater, Devon Socks, Merletto Mittens,and Newfoundland Mitts.
Shagma completed her HoM OWL with 3 gorgeous pairs of socks.
susi vanished 1886 yds of yarn for her Transfiguration OWL this term. She completed a throw, a cowl, a shawl, a scarflette, and a bag.
theresmiling completed her divination OWL with some lovely spinning. She has a sweater's amount of handspun now!
Aren't these projects impressive. Stay tuned for the second installment of OWLs. We have some very talented Hufflepuffs!!!

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