Friday, April 27, 2012

Greetings!  MsOyster here, your Advanced Studies reporter for this term. 

We have two Hufflepuffs working on Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test (NEWT) this term:  MediaPeruana and Lea67000.  As we've all been taking the month of April off, these ladies have been toiling under the weight of their exam.  Undertaking a NEWT is a big task and one that takes much training in order to even sit for the exam.    Here are some NEWT basics presented by djmeurer.  

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NEWT Basics:
1 NEWT = at least 2 complex OWLs worth of work that is somehow related; the item/items must be a set or otherwise combined in theme, purpose, technique, or similar relationship. You will find the guidelines below are similar to the OWL guidelines, but slightly amplified.
  • NEWTs address two areas of study. You must have completed an OWL in at least one of the areas/subjects you wish to combine.
  • Students may sit for a NEWT after successful completion of a minimum of 4 OWLs, although we encourage you to complete more than the minimum number of OWLs for maximum flexibility in developing your NEWT proposals.
  • NEWTs may use any of the Ravelry sanctioned fiber crafts. Spinners: for each subject you may find it useful to insert the words “or spin enough yarn to make the item(s) in this category.”
  • Remember, the two subjects must have a shared relationship. How you explain the relationship is a crucial component. Portions of each subject may partially overlap into the other. The relationship is up to your imagination and creativity.
  • Students may complete a NEWT in each combination of subjects only once. There are 66 combinations which will take 22 years, assuming they are all successful, after which you may repeat combinations. Good luck!

    As the term progresses we will check in with MediaPeruana and Lea67000 to learn more about their individual NEWTs.   A NEWT is a great accomplishment.  I hope that you will consider sitting for one soon, just think about all of those possible combinations!  

    One of the key things to sit for a NEWT is to have accomplished 4 OWLs.  Have you considered proposing an OWL?  Want to know what is involved?  Check the OWL thread in the DEN for a quick review if you can't wait until the next Advanced Studies blog post.  

    TTFN - MsOyster

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