Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Projects of the week!

Hi Badgers! Have I got some lovelies for you. Please click the links for their hand ins and show them some love.

Number one is a lovely vest made by knitbunnie for her daughter. A perfect herbology project with leafy goodness.

Up next are a pair of adorable mushroom wrist warmers volkat made for DADA. She did a wonderful job knitting them and then went the extra mile to steek them.

Project the third is a beautiful Ishbel that Bijou3owl made for Muggle Studies. She did an amazing job and finished it in only 6 days.

And last but not least is a cute little cardigan made by frimptes. Fantastic job!

That's all for this week Puffs! So keep on crafting and you just might make the next POW!


  1. Oh, hey look, I'm featured! It actually only took four days to knit, and two to block (you can thank Miami-Boston plane rides for that one).

  2. That little cardigan is super cute (and cute barbie-model hands)!

    I love knitbunnie's vest too; beautiful and the silver buttons bring out that fabulous color.

    Beautiful shawl, so delicate. Rockin' wristbands!