Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Going Shopping with the House Elf Liaison

So, the House Elves have learned about the Muggle invention of grocery stores with their aisles lined with food and they are all atwitter. House Elves just conjure up the things they cook, so they don't really understand what "ingredients" are, except for when you're talking Potions. They want to learn more about these strange places! Let's help them out by sharing our grocery lists with them.

The House Elves want to know...What's on your grocery list?

Hint: you might want to pick up a can or two of pumpkin for next week!


  1. This week's grocery list(so far): dog food, cat food, steak for London Broil, sandwich stuff for next week, produce, butter, eggs, cheese, and something yummy from the seafood department (just haven't made up my mind yet).Frozen potatoes for my favorite crock pot potato soup. Apples. Candy for trick-or-treaters!

  2. Not a very exciting list. :)

  3. Nahh.... don't need any pumpkin. I've got gallons and gallons of cooked pumpkin from our CSA share in the freezer.

    DH went shopping yesterday, so how's about I give you an excerpt from the list? (Be warned -- it was a particularly odd list): 2 avocados, egg roll wrappers, yogurt smoothies, chocolate syrup, Fluff, and um... I don't remember. I picked up 3 gallons of milk, and some butter and eggs at the dairy this morning, and I'm planning to take the superheroes-in-training apple picking sometime this week. I hope.

  4. My list this week was various milk and soymilk, yogurt, cheese, vinegar, vanilla wafers, apple juice, coffee, bananas, butter, sparkling water, frozen veggie burgers, sandwich rolls, bagels, and strawberry jam.

    @superM- well, I think some of that pumpkin might come in handy very soon!

  5. We're almost out of *salt*. This only happens like once every other year, so it's a special occasion!

    Hmmm, what else... milk is a virtual lock. Some kind of cheese, always. A couple pounds of vegetables, whatever looks good. I stock up on whatever's on sale and fill in the blanks that can't wait for the next sale.

  6. I went today! I got onions, milk, granola bars, cheese, avocados, bananas, bread, pierogies, and... two donuts. with chocolate. and ng got sprinkles on hers...

  7. Susan from MichiganOctober 22, 2010 at 6:08 PM

    Let's see - we need TP, paper towels, dog & cat food, lunch meat & cheese, stuff for sloppy joes, eggs, yogurt, OJ hmmm...laundry detergent, chips and hummus.