Thursday, October 7, 2010

Badger Badger Mushroom

Our Giraffe Stampede for History of Magic was a huge success, and in keeping with that, I'm proposing a Mushroom Stomp for DADA this month. Craftyshanna introduced me (and many others, I'm sure!) to the badger-badger-mushroom video, and I think it would be a great start to a group project submission. We're still working out the story bits, but it promises to be a lot of fun. All you have to do is craft something mushroom related, and Ravelry has 65 free patterns to help you do just that. We'll be posting them on the 22nd, to get them finished up and submitted before our House Pride Exhibition starts. To keep up with the Stomp, check in regularly with the Badgertastic Group Projects thread.

Speaking of the HPE, Minsue had the fabulous idea to do a HPE HECK project this month with a House Elf House Pride Drill Team. We're still ironing out the details, but I'll let you know once all the decisions have been finalized. The Quidditch Tie-along is still going strong, as well. Will you be ready to show off your tie during the HPE?

Finally, the October yardage challenge in underway. Congratulations to epazia for using up 5235 yards last month! That's amazing! Even more amazing are the final tally numbers for September: 1300 woven yards, 2614 spun yards, and 38,335.8 knit/crocheted yards. I'm in awe, guys. And I totally need to start calculating my yardage ;)

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