Sunday, January 27, 2013

Charity Crafting - Part 2

More charities looking for your donation (just like we're looking for those Quidditch bonus points!)

"Are You Warm Enough?"
Ravelry Group: "Are You Warm Enough?"
Items Accepted: Black or White Sweaters, vests, or cardigans sizes small to extra-large for children grades 5-8
"Are You Warm Enough?" Provides uniform sweaters to students at Carmen Arace Middle School in Bloomfield, CT. The schools has the highest percentage of foster children in the state and over 70% of students are on free or reduced lunch. They have a uniform policy requiring a black or white sweater, vest, or cardigan in colder months and the donated handmade clothing is given to the discipline office who deals with uniform policy. If a student does not have a sweater and it is determined they can't afford one a sweater is given to the student at no cost to them.

Hearts for Warmth
Ravelry Group: Hearts for Warmth
Blog: Hearts for Warmth
Items accepted: Varies by current campaigns but accepts many different items.
Hearts for Warmth works to bring hope and help through knitted and crocheted items. They work with different organizations and churches to aid this mission. They have different campaigns that can be found n their Ravelry page. Currently they have campaigns for hats to go to children in Lesotho and an orphanage in Pinetown and for baby items in South Africa.

Knit Your Bit
Ravelry Group: Knit Your Bit
Website: Knit Your Bit
Items Accepted: Scarves
Knit Your Bit was created by the National WWII Museum in New Orleans to provide scarves to veterans in Veteran's Centers and Hospitals around to the US. They have plenty of patterns on their website but accept other scarves as well.

Hat Box Foundation
Website: Hat Box Foundation
Items Accepted: Hats
The Hat Box Foundation provides handmade hats to cancer patients and others in need. All donated hats are individually packaged in small hat boxes when delivered. As they serve many climates all types of yarn are accepted.

Blanket Squares for Orphan Homes
Ravelry Thread: Blanket Squares for Orphan Homes
Items Accepted: 8"x8" blanket squares
Our own Hufflepuff brighteyesjessy is collecting blanket squares for several orphan homes in India (and one in Africa). Each home has many little girls rescued from orphanages and put in group homes with a widowed woman of the community to serve as their mother. The thread linked above includes pictures of the girls brighteyesjessy is currently sponsoring. PM her for mailing instructions.

Snuggles Project
Ravelry Group: Snuggles Project
Website: Snuggles Project
Items Accepted: Crocheted, knit, sewn, or quilted blankets
The Snuggles Project provides snuggles to shelter animals by giving them blankets to cuddle with while they wait for their forever home. The website lists guidelines for different sizes for animals as well as shelters who accept snuggles for their animals. Snuggles can be mailed to these shelters or you can find one in your area to drop them off.

Project Linus
Ravelry Group: Project Linus
Website:  Project Linus
Items Accepted: Blankets
Project Linus provides blankets to children who are ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need. Chapters are localized and you can check the website for drop off points in your area.

Ravelry Group: Wool-Aid
Website: Wool-Aid
Items Accepted: Socks, sweaters, vests, mittens, hats, and blankets for children (greatest need is ages 8-16) made of yarn that is at least 80% wool
Wool-Aid sends wool, handmade items to children in a variety of countries including Tibet, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, and Canada to name a few. In 2013 their goals are item-based instead of country or campaign based so they can help out as many children as possible. Be sure to read their guidelines for clothing and blankets.

If you are looking for more charities you can also try the Charity Knitting group on Ravelry where people can post a need for handmade items. Different groups are looking for different items so whatever you like to make you can find someone in need who would love one!

Happy (Charity) Crafting!

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