Saturday, February 9, 2013

Advanced Studies - OWLs Part 1

The proposals are in and approved and 67 brave Puffs are attempting OWLs this term! The most popular subject for Puffs is Muggle Studies but there is a good showing among all the subjects.

And now that its February the 50% completions are rolling in. Four Puffs have already turned in their fantastic 50% mark this month.

RedNu - Potions

Skrewkat - Defense Against the Dark Arts

Bethsmom - Potions

CurlySue - Transfiguration

Keep the amazing work up! Look for more OWLs and NEWTs coming your way this month on The HuffleBlog!


This post of The HuffleBlog brought to you by baxgirl and the letter O.

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