Monday, January 7, 2013

Around the Den

We have many events and activities going on around The Den. Here's an update of what's been happening!
Quidditch - the Mascot Challenge runs through the 12th at midnight POT. There is a dragon, monster, owl, badger, amigurumi, animal puff-along going on with a badge. Our captain starrynightsky has also announced many badges this term including Bernie Bott's Every Flavor Beans badges, SOOPER DOOPER SEKRIT BERTIE BOTT'S EVERY FLAVORED BEANS BADGES, and many others. In total you can earn 30 Quidditch badges this term. Check out the Quidditch Thread for more info!
Spinners and Weavers - They are still spinning and weaving and some new spinners and weavers (including this reporter) are joining in. The challenge this month? Try something new and turn it in for homework!
HuffleTainment Center - Feel free to discuss any books, movies, or music here. They'll talk about anything but the theme for January is Tolkein. Get a badge for joining in on some Tolkein chatter and get another badge for turning in a Tolkein related homework project!
HECK - Come on in for any help with posting your homework and figuring out where projects fit for classes. This month in HECK there is also Badger Bombing on January 21st. Turn in a Hufflepuff themed project by that day for homework (or Quidditch) and receive a badge! There are tons of suggested patterns in the thread as well in case you're stumped. And speaking of stumped, when you're lost on where to put a project for homework get ready to play "Stump the Headgirl." jen2291 is always willing to help a badger out!
Give and Take - Stop by here to see what our Puffs need and what they're giving away! There are a few requests for charity related items and yarn up already!
PBQ - What is your personal best? Stop by here to declare your goals for the month or term and get weekly earburns and report on your progress. Goals can range from house cup goals to real life goals. And of course there are badges!
Valentine Card Swap - The sign-ups are up for the Valentine's Day card swap. Cards can Valentine related or just fun! Sign-ups go until January 17th. Everybody will receive 5 addresses by the 20th and please mail your cards by February 1st! It's a great way to get something in the mail besides bills.
And don't forget to check out what your cete is up to! Some have activities of their own going on (come check out the Asian Badger Cete for some stashdown support or talk gardening in the American Badger Cete) and it's a great place to get to know fellow cuppers!

This post of the Huffleblog brought to you by baxgirl and the letter H.

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