Thursday, January 3, 2013

Quidditch, Day 1, Winter Term!

Good Morning, Badgers!!!  It's that time again...time for QUIDDITCH!

Hufflepuff is off to a fine start...we're in the lead with the very first (and so far, ONLY) goal of Game 1 - way to go, jaygee!  Your Heidi the Hedgehog will definitely be a serious contender in the contest for a Hogsmeade mascot! have until midnight (Pacific time) on January 12th to score a goal for Hufflepuff by showing us your idea for a Hogsmeade mascot!  And bonus points can be earned by tying that submission to Flying class!  Please read these posts for further details - Challenge 1 and Bonus Opportunity!

I am thrilled to be your Keeper and your Quidditch Correspondent...please let me or any of the Quidditch team members know if you have questions!

Quidditch Staff:

Captain - starrynightsky
Keeper - LumosKP
Beaters - Timeless1 and Skrewkat

Seeker - baxgirl
Reserves - knitreaver and jen2291 

Remember...Catch the Snitch for #6!

LumosKP (doing her best to make Lee Jordan proud) :)


  1. Awesome! I bet Lee is giving you a Hi5 from wherever he is right now! :-)

  2. Squee! Catch the snitch for number 6!