Saturday, July 28, 2012

Activities Recap: End of term Prep

Hi Guys!  I missed you last week, but I did enjoy my vacation.  I hope you all are busy with end of term wrap up projects and the mass crazyness of Ravellenics!  

Here's what's been happening around the Den:

Spinners: Lots of pretty turn in and process photos!  Also Discussion of Spinners in Orlando, FL, a Spin-Along for Quidditch, and how long it would take me to spin about 200 yds on my spindle.
Library: The anniversary of Jane Austen's death, Continued earning of Book Badges, the "Civil Union Quilters", Parasol Protectorate series and audiobooks.
Tv/Movie:  Theater goers have finished talking about Star Trek (although you can still earn a badge for Trek Craftiness until the end of the month) and are now watching Alan Rickman films as well as the Olympics.
Cleaners:The clean team was remarkably quotable recently:  "We’ve been in clean/declutter which amazingly sometimes makes a bigger mess!", "Spending time with the kid: check; Lots of knitting: check; Housework: crickets", Cleaning tip of the day, "I am tackling Mt. Dontwannawashalaundry today", Ridding food of Pantry moths by freezing.

Sock-along: The Sock-Along would like to remind you that you can continue earning Sock Badges until the end of the Month!
games:  The Gamers are playing Have you ever…  Stop in, answer a question and learn fascinating things about your Housemates!  Answers to questions like "Have you ever traveled anywhere that required the use of a passport?" and "Have you ever participated in an extreme sport?"

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