Saturday, July 14, 2012

Activities Update!

Your friendly Activities Prefect is going on vacation and must get back to packing, so here's a short and sweet update, with lots of photos!

Spinners:  The spinners are Tour-de-Fleecing!  And talking about navajo ply.

Library:  Book fans are still earning Badges!

Tv/Movie: Theater-goers are watching Star Trek (the new one, from 2009)  And there's a BADGE!
Cleaners: The cleaners are filing, packing and coercing their kids to clean!
"My 10 yr-old nephew asked me why I was knitting such a tiny sock."
Me: “Because it’s fun.”
Nephew: “Why?”
Me: “Why do you play video games?”
Nephew: “Because it’s fun.”
Me: “There you go.”


games: The Gamers are now playing "Have you ever".  Jump in and learn all about your housemates!

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