Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hufflepuff Weekend Movie Nights

We were thinking about hosting a Hufflepuff Movie Weekend, every weekend. Anyone, of course, is welcome to participate (including other houses.) I could just pick something, but I think we'll leave it open to House choice.

Please post your favorite movies in the comments section. Once we've got something to choose from (say, by Tuesday?) we'll post a 24-hour poll so those of us with Netflix can make sure to get the movie by the weekend ;)

You can also PM Fluttervale.

I'll make a new post weekly with the last week's movie, a consensus on the chat that occurred in the common room, and to allow nominations for the next week.

(I do only ask that we not do a Harry Potter marathon. It's pretty clear by participation in the group that we all love Harry Potter and will watch the movies whenever we feel like it, and do not need a marathon to decide. We'll do marathons closer to new releases.)


  1. What about movies starring/co-starring Hogwart's Heads of House?

    Maggie Smith(Professor McGonagall) in Keeping Mum or Room with a View

    Alan Rickman(Professor Snape) in Love Actually or Galaxy Quest

    Warwick Davis(Professor Flitwick) in Willow or Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

    Our own Professor Sprout, Miriam Margolyes does a lot of voiceover and tv work, but she's a main character(voice)in Babe, and has smaller roles in A&E's version of Vanity Fair and also Ladies in Lavender, which stars Maggie Smith.

  2. Alan Rickman => Sense and Sensibility, Robin Hood, Sweeney Todd <3

    The Princess Bride
    Dirty Dancing