Friday, February 5, 2010

February nominations

Lots of nominations this month, fellow 'puffs'! Now don't be shy, let's go running to vote for our friends:
Pacasha, nominated for her impressive bag from Potions.
Tiggersjp, nominated for her sexy fiery gloves from divination.
Yarnvista who received two nominations! For her rather dizzying coat from Arithmancy and for her cute Puffers from Charms.
And Hoodlumknit who also received two nominations! For her cheerful detention mittens and for her fire breathing gators from divination (You sure you should let your boy play with those?).
There was also a little misunderstanding with Hoodlumknit, she was nominated for a second project from Divination, which actually belongs to djmeurer of Ravenclaw. I'm sure Hilltopkatie will fix that soon. But make no mistake when voting, people, her real project can be recognized by the path of destruction they leave behind them, I'm sure you'll find it easy to track down fire breathing gators!

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