Monday, June 3, 2013

Quidditch, It's in the Bag!

Hello Quidditch Fans!  On 6 June we will begin our next Match! The thought of that excites me, how about you?

First, a review...
Training Film 2: Heat Therapy was a wonderful Match.  It was a win/win for each House.  The teams crafted beautiful hats and blanket squares which will be given to charities all over the world!  So, no matter how many items where crafted, everyone wins.  Our wonderful Headmistress, yarnvista, had this to say about the Match, "...It kinda gets me misty that every single thing in this challenge was made to make someone else’s life a little cozier."

Let's roll the Headlights Reel! (If statistics makes your head spin, you should skip this section.):
Here are the final UNOFFICIAL Goals:

Looking at the chart it appears that Hufflepuff made a second place showing.  Let's look a little closer...
  • On average, each Hufflepuff team player turned in 4.48 items, Ravenclaw 4.52 items, Gryffindor 4.34 items, and Slytherin 4.19 items. 
  • Although Slytherin was only 2 goals behind Hufflepuff, we turned in 28 more items, that's 420 points.
  • Gryffindor has increased its lead over Hufflepuff from 210 unofficial points to 780 unofficial points (points do not include bonus points). 
Great job Badgers!
That wasn't so bad, was it? You made it through the statistics.

It's in the Bag!
On Thursday, Training Film 3: Speed Sprints begins at Midnight POT.  Here is your fearless Sprints Team:
1st year JessiaSott
2nd year brighteyesjessy
3rd year krazykt82000
4th year SharonLuvs2Knit2
5th year msoyster
6th year jen2291
7th year Lucamama
B1 Lea67000
B2 Mamalion
B3 cariboustar
B4 hazelly
B5 Luckynumbers
B6 kimanneberly
B7 ChellBelle
M1 zillalatte

The points for this Match will be given in a decreasing manner.  The first 4 completed bags will receive 30 points, the next 4 will receive 29 points, and so on and so forth.  I know many 'Puffs are planning to wake up early for the POT start time!  Way to go Badgers!

In the Locker Room, FlyKytten has declared her desire to win The Cup!  A few team members have concurred! Would you like to win The Cup?  Here's how YOU can help...

Everyone (other than team members) is invited to the Pep Rally to show your team spirit.  You will receive 5 points for participating.  AND if you craft something for this event, you can turn it in elsewhere in The Cup for points!  The Quidditch coaches do ask that you use a different photo from the Quidditch photo when you turn in elsewhere. 

Go Badgers, Go!
(Photo curtsey of our fearless Captain LumosKP.)
That's all the Quidditch news for now.  Enjoy your week.  Until next time; Keep your eyes on the Golden Snitch.

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