Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hufflepuff's in Action

Wow! The Hufflepuff's are already on fire this month.  There are so many great, great homework assignments being turned. I'm going to take us on walk through of just a few classes and some of the awesomenesss of your fellow Den mates!

TRANSFIGURATION Option: Craft your animagus! A purple wombat? A technicolor caterpillar? Show us in fibery goodness your representation of what your animagus would be if you were of an age to transform, and tell us why if you want.
Non-Ravelry crafts will be accepted, with prior approval. WIPs will not be accepted, those are best taken to Detention.
 Sandy62 found out her animagus form is an adorable chicken!

Check out Costumer47's adorable puppy dog animagus.

Lea67000's a bunny in her animagus form.

LadyDragonsinger's name says it all.  Check out her dragon animagus!

POTIONS Assignment: Craft something related to a Felix Felicis-created perfect day.
Imagine you are in one of Slughorn’s classes with Lily, James, Severus and their classmates (or further back in time with Tom Riddle, Arthur Weasley, Frank Longbottom or Narcissa, Bellatrix, and Andromeda Black). You’ve won the Felix Felicis! What will you do with your perfect day? Would you cut your first steek, try a tricky technique, or enjoy your favourite fiber/pattern/colour? Or craft something you would use during your perfect day, or to represent something you would do once everything was going your way.
MollyOMali's perfect day would include a sunny sky with puffy, white clouds, lilacs in bloom and hanging out on her farm with her wonderful array of animals. To represent this day she crafted this beautiful Gaptastic Cowl.

MidwestAliceAnn's perfect day would include someone else doing her dishes with this lovely dishcloth.

LumosKP's perfect day would include a day full of dyeing.  Lovely colors!

HISTORY of MAGIC Option 1: The Night Sky. Use an aspect of Damara’s robes in a project -- moons, blue and silver, the night sky…
Option 2: Baby items and expectant mothers. Historians speculate that Damara is tired and hungry because her portrait was painted while she was pregnant. Present your findings along with a baby item or an item an expecting mother would need. This includes the food she is always begging for!
Option 3: Romance. Since being painted, Damara has developed quite a crush on Sir Cadogan. Craft something she could give him to coax him into her frame for a date.
Twistetsister was inspired by the sparkling stars when she knit this gorgeous shawl.

Namihn was also inspired by the night sky when she worked up these lovely night sky blue socks.

PprmntMochaMama crafted this lovely tissue box cover for baby and mother.

HERBOLOGY 1) Craft something large, purple, bouncy, or cumbersome. Using any rav-sanctioned craft, create something akin to the great bouncing bulb and craft something abnormally large or at least noticeably, disproportionately larger than normal. A RIDICULOUSLY large hat perhaps? Like the bouncing bulb, make sure this item seems to stand out.
2) GOBLIN……POTTERY? The large bulb is accustomed to making strong, quaking movements above and below its soil. No, don’t create an actual ceramic pot, but instead create a (or cushion an already existing) container in which your bulb will feel comfy. Use any rav-sanctioned craft. In the case of weaving, remember that several materials can be woven, OR a very yarn-friendly method such as coiled yarn basketry.

RedNu crafted this large hat using lovely bulky yarn.

Knitbunnie made this lovely container to cushion her bulb. Lovely blue.

Yarnvista went large, purple, bouncy and cumbersome with her totally awesome bath sponge!

Stay tuned for more Hufflepuff's in action.

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