Saturday, June 1, 2013

Free Points!

Do you want some free points? Points you get for doing nothing but things you needed to do anyway?

Then head on over and participate in the Headmistress Challenge! This term's challenge is all about real life activities in order to show off how much of a well-rounded student you are. There are nine areas of life you can do a portfolio in for ten points. You can do up to four portfolios: that's 40 points just for posting about something you've already needed to do!

The nine areas you can complete an activity in are: artistic, athletics, communications, cooking, ecology, mechanics & handiness, music, organization, and social. All you need to get your ten free points is post a small description of what you did and photographic evidence. And don't worry! You do not have to be in the picture for it to count so those who are camera shy can still get their free points. 

I've completed three of my portfolios so far so here's what I did, see how easy it is?

Cooking - I tried the recipe FlyKytten posted here on the blog last month. 10 points!

Music - I had an elementary school program my band played in. It was something I had to do for work. 10 points! (This is also a great example of blurring out things you don't want people to see. I had to do it for my students but you could blur out yourself or if you're writing a novel show it with the words blurred out)

Athletics - I worked out with my exercise ball! If you didn't want to be in the picture just a shot of the ball would work. 10 points!

Tonight I'm off to dinner with some friends. Social for 10 more points! And don't forget that the headmistress might give out some super secret bonus points! She's pretty awesome that way!

So go paint a picture, play a game of soccer, or bake some muffins and get your free points! You were going to do it anyway!

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  1. Great tips! I'm headed over to turn in a portfolio right now! :)