Thursday, February 28, 2013

Advanced Studies - NEWTs Part 1

Four brave Puffs have been crafting away since December in the hopes of completing their Nastily Exhausting Wizard Tests this term. This rigorous test of crafting is equal to at least two OWLs.

At the end of January three of our amazing NEWT-ers turned in their 50% earning 50 points for Hufflepuff!

For her 50% lea67000 completed this beautiful lace shawl as part of her Divination and Charms NEWT. She has two other works in progress to complete her NEWT.

WomblingStar has reached her 50% on the sweater she has designed for her History of Magic and Herbology NEWT.

minsue has also reached 50% on this awesome blanket she expanded and created more chart for as her Potions and Transfiguration NEWT.

Let's cheer on these Badgers as they strive for 75% this month!

This post brought to you by baxgirl and the letter N.

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