Friday, November 23, 2012

Class Coverage, 11/23/12

My sincere apologies for not staying current in November...why on earth is it already November 23rd???  Sigh...well, here is a wrap-up for November thus far - Badgers, you are making us all proud!! :)

Ancient Runes - 8 homework turn-ins
Charms - 16 homework turn-ins
DADA12 homework turn-ins
Flying - 7 homework turn-ins
Herbology - 8 homework turn-ins
History of Magic - 19 homework turn-ins
Muggle Studies - 15 homework turn-ins
Potions - 12 homework turn-ins

That is a total of 97 homework turn-ins so far this month...and we still have a week left to go in November!  Not counting yardage bonuses, that's 1455 points!!!  Way to go, Badgers!

And now to show off a few of the beautiful projects that the Hufflepuffs have turned in for homework:






Thank you, Badgers, for all of your hard work with your homework!!!  You definitely make all of us proud!

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  1. Thanks for this blog! BEAUTIFUL projects from my fellow Puffs and I wouldn't have seen them otherwise. :) Good work!!