Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ravelympics Projects

Absinthia's Lush-ious swirl cowl for Lace Luge, SuperG, and Speed Skate
Absinthia's Last Lovikka for SuperG
Absinthia's Once more, with feeling for in laceluge and superG
Absinthia's When cowls fly in laceluge and superG
Absinthias Lacy Snood in laceluge and superG

aksherry's stash in Downhill Dyeing
aksherry's more stash in Downhill Dyeing
aksherry's even more stash in Downhill Dyeing
aksherry's gloves for Speed Skate, Mitten Moguls, and Cable Cross-Country

aksunflour's nether garments for WIPs Dancing

angel101580's Wicked Eyelet Rib Vest for WIPs Dancing

anneadeline's frog sock in Aerial Unwind

anthrogirl17's basic wristwarmer in Aerial Unwind

bijou3owl's Cables for Tea for Cable, Platter, and Speed Skate
bijou3owl's Midnight Water for Sock Hockey and Speed Skates
bijou3owl's Biscayne Bay for Downhill Dyeing

clementine1's bebe in Hat Halfpipe

coribug's Haekelbeutel bag in WIPs-Dancing
coribug's Super-customizable Crochet Slipper for Designer Patterns
coribug's vest to replace the one that it makes me very sad to retire in Aerial Unwind

curiouskate's South Bay Shawlette for Aerial Unwind
curiouskate's Garter Rib Mitts for Aerial Unwind
curiouskate's Spiral Half Double Crochet Baby Hat for Charity
curiouskate’s Eine Mütze für Christa, eine Mütze für Ulla… for Hat Half Pipe, Holiday Jump-start, and Speed Skate
curiouskate's SandDune Bag for Bag Jump and Stash Dance

darwinia's a dream Swatch for Aerial Unwind
darwinia's 328 Yards of Handspun for Flying Camel

delphinegarnier's Horrible Quidditch Scarflet of Doom for Aerial Unwind

dragyn's Purple Dragon Scarf for WIPs Dancing
dragyn's First-try Scarf for Labyrinth Weaving

faerie's windschief in event Hat Halfpipe and Single Skein Speedskate
faerie's drifting-pleats in event Scarf Super G
faerie's aerial-ii in event Aerial Unwind
faerie's aerial-i in event Aerial Unwind

kerryespins' Purple Petal Bib for Single Skein Speed Skate and Junior Olympics
kerryespins' Pink Petal Bibs for Single Skein Speed Skate and Junior Olympics
kerryespins' Peach Petal Bib for Single Skein Speed Skate and Junior Olympics

Klio82's First Sweater for WIPs Dancing

lalaith's O's slippers for Sock Hockey and Junior Olympics
lalaith's spider web for Aerial Unwind

lilleduck’s silk wool locks in Downhill Dyeing
lilleduck’s 100% Norvegian wool (2) in Downhill Dyeing
lilleduck’s 100% Norvegian wool (1) in Downhill Dyeing
lilleduck’s Spar Kjøp Safirgarn (5) in Downhill Dyeing
lilleduck’s Spar Kjøp Safirgarn (4) in Downhill Dyeing
lilleduck’s Spar Kjøp Safirgarn (3) in Downhill Dyeing
lilleduck’s Rauma Kampanjegarn in Downhill Dyeing

luckynumbers' forever waiting cardigan for Aerial Unwind
luckynumbers' clemson tiger for Aerial Unwind

MaeLee's Kujira in WIPs dancing

mrsmama's wool of the andes for Downhill Dyeing
mrsmama's wool of the andes 2 for Downhill Dyeing
mrsmama's Dip Dyed Yarn for Downhill Dyeing

needlesnswiffers's saoirse shawl in wips dancing
needlesnswiffers's mitts in designer pattern skeleton
needlesnswiffers's crochet market bag in aerial unwind
needlesnswiffers's graphic bag in aerial unwind
needlesnswiffers's blue purse in aerial unwind
needlesnswiffers's green hederas in aerial unwind
needlesnswiffers's clapotis in aerial unwind
needlesnswiffers's garter stitch armwarmers in aerial unwind
needlesnswiffers's yellow huntington in Downhill Dyeing
needlesnswiffers's naturespun in Downhill Dyeing
needlesnswiffers's pride bulky in Downhill Dyeing

pacasha's reddish yarn for Downhill Dyeing
pacasha's yellow sock yarn for Downhill Dyeing
pacasha's roving for Downhill Dyeing
pacasha's my frog pond for Aerial Unwind- note: several projects
pacasha's posey for Holiday Jump-Start and Platter Lift
pacasha's purple dyed for Downhill Dyeing
pacasha's sunday market shawl for Lace Luge
pacasha's slippers for the boy for felting freestyle

rainbowdarling's signe hat in Hat Halfpipe and Nordic Colorwork

richtergasse's Svelte Saint for Sweaterboard Cross
richtergasse's Retro Red Socks for Aerial Unwind
richtergasse's Green Drop Stitch Cables for Aerial Unwind
richtergasse's Bulky Red Hat for Aerial Unwind
richtergasse's Really? Wrap Sweater for Aerial Unwind
richtergasse's baby bootie fail in Aerial Unwind
richtergasse's not-so-shapely tank in Aerial Unwind
richtergasse's lovely lia in Aerial Unwind

ShaylaMyst's Malachite for Downhill Dyeing
ShaylaMyst's Turquoise & Amethyst for Downhill Dyeing
ShaylaMyst's Sapphires for Downhill Dyeing
ShaylaMyst's Turquoise for Downhill Dyeing

springbound's traveling woman in Aerial Unwind

StitchingMagic's Aerial Unwind I in event Aerial Unwind
StitchingMagic's Aerial Unwind II in event Aerial Unwind

suzanneoswald's spring wisp mobius in Lace Luge
suzanneoswald's reindeer barf hat in Aerial Unwind
suzanneoswald's scrap yarn afghan in WIP Dancing
suzanneoswald's Kim's Afghan in Aerial Unwind
suzanneoswald's spring hotpads in Platter Lift
suzanneoswald's 4 Kathy in Aerial Unwind
suzanneoswald's lapghan for the sisters in WIP dancing
suzanneoswald's fruit potholders in Platter Lift
suzanneoswald's cat bag holder in Platter Lift
suzanneoswald's Waves of Hufflepride Socks

tiggersjp's Garden Tie-Backs for Designer Pattern Skeleton

treesh's Badgertastic in Flying Camel Spin
treesh's Everyday Bag for Bag Jump
treesh's Free-dancing Socks for Free Dance
treesh's coasters for Event Platter Lift
treesh's Giant Feet No More in Aerial Unwind

yarnvista's Mohair Lace Scarf for WIPS Dancing

YellowRaincoat's First 2-at-a-time Socks for Sock Hockey
YellowRaincoat's Balaclava for Ioana in Hat halfpipe, single skein, holiday jumpstart
YellowRaincoats Llama Scarf for SuperG
YellowRaincoat's Spring Forward Socks for Aerial Unwind
YellowRaincoat's Drops Cardigan for Aerial Unwind

Our NQFYs:

acwmaiden's February 6" square in Free Dance
acwmaiden's hearts dishcloth in the Platter Lift
acwmaiden's snuggy fail in Aerial Unwind
acwmaiden's circle in a square baby afghan in WIPS Dancing

XandraAnneww's Back Scrubby for WIPdancing
XandraAnneww's Misshapen Tank Top of Learning Doom for AerialUnwind

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March random prize

Another random prize to a fellow Hufflepuff! Yay!

SuperM earned a prize for her impressive spinning abilities. I'm sure Charlotte would be truly flattered to be remembered in your beautiful homework.

Good job! Can't wait to see that Aeolian...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring-Summer 2010 Organization Stuff


This is an organization post of what we'll be doing in May-July, 2010. This is for absolutely-positive-going-to-happen stuff. Fluttervale (that's me!) won't be playing but will be doing 100% focus on the blog so if there's anything you'd like, PM her.

You should also visit or join the organization group here for suggestions, comments, ideas, etc.


Next term, these prizes are being offered:

A Fluttervale Quilt

Quilt to be raffled to Hufflepuffs only. Earn one ticket for each completed homework that is noted as for charity. Make a note in the homework turn-in post that it is for charity (must be in the turn-in post, not a reply, so edit as necessary). Please don't earburn Fluttervale. Charity (must be completely for charity) OWL's earn 15 tickets, and NEWT's will earn one ticket for each 10 points earned. The quilt that is up for raffle is this one:

Yeah, I know it's not finished yet. It will be bordered in, most likely, coordinating blue and bound in yellow. Maybe orange. Depends on how it looks once the rest of the fabric arrives.

Set of Fluttervale Quilted Placemats

This prize will go to anyone, in any non-Hufflepuff house, raffle tickets to be earned the same way as tickets for the quilt. Mats will be made in the winner's house colors, or in House Pride colors if you prefer. Set of 4 placemats.


Ninja Needles

This badge is for anyone who completes all 18 homework assignments in any one term. Retro-active, you can take the badge if you completed Winter10, or any previous term. (RayOLR)

Personal Goal Badge

This badge is for anyone who meets their own personal goal for any given term, starting with Winter10. You can declare your goal if you wish, but you are not required to do so. (RayOLR)

The Hermoine Badge

This badge is in honor of Hermoine and her Time-Turner abilities. To earn this special badge, the Hufflepuff must complete all available assignments, all available OWL's (one for Firsties, two for everyone else), and participate in Quidditch and any other in-term activities organized by the staff. (Fluttervale)

The Ron Badge

This badge is in honor of Ron and his incredible ability to get hurt, but persevere through. This award will be given to Hufflepuffs who are afflicted with various injuries or maladies, or just sheer bad luck, during the term. Possibilities include medical issues, family emergencies, and other various issues. To win this award, you will probably want to stay active in the Common Room. (Fluttervale)

The Harry Award

This badge is in honor of Harry's selfless sacrifices through the books. A Hufflepuff can win this award by showing true character and by crossing house lines to help others. Ways to help include posting photos for someone else, sending yarn, that sort of thing. (Fluttervale)

Daily/Weekly Features

Also, feel free to make suggestions.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Random prize

Today our lovely HoH Leesy won a prize for her CoMC homework. She made a real impression with her Lilac Leaf Shawl in rainbow colors. It does look spectacular, Leesy! Congratulations!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Huff Hookers Win Big!

Great Job Chasers!

The Huff Hookers up and spanked the rest of the houses in the Crochet Chaser portion of Quidditch. No, really, have a look:

Hufflepuff: 293 (258 + 35 bonus)
Slytherin: 247
Gryffindor: 245
Ravenclaw: 244

Even WITHOUT the bonus points, the Huff Hookers were a head above the other three teams.

Great job, guys! We love you!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

And the winner is...

Heads up, Huffs. The prize winners of the month have been announced.

Let's hear a round of applause to:
faerie who won a skein of handpainted yarn from Donkeyeggs for her "I hate cancer" scarf from potions and
suzanneoswald who won a set of stitch markers from mothlight for her Modified Hemlock Ring Afghan from detention.

Good job, girls!

Monday, March 8, 2010

February prize nominations

Hello, everyone!
Once again the prize nominations are up. Hooray! And since our house is so full of talented, intelligent, charming, polite, funny, creative, responsible, extraordinary - ahem... humble students, we are as usual quite well represented. So let's go vote for our friends:

Treesh nominated for her colonnade shawl from DADA. It sure looks cozy!
Yarnvista nominated for her ingenuous "pillow-blanket" from Charms.
Melissa13 got a nomination for her romantic golden socks from Herbology.
Lalaith nominated for her adorable mermaid from Herbology as well.
JMN nominated for her Potions' kilt hose, which look really complicated even though she said they were quick to knit.
Faerie nominated for her anti-cancer scarf from Potions.
Curiouskate nominated for her beautiful Transfiguration scarf, featuring Centered Quadruple Decreases(!).
Suzanneoswald received two nominations: for her Modified Hemlock Ring Afghan from detention and for her Luna Moth shawl, submitted as her finished OWL. Two great achievements!

Congratulations to the nominees! We are all very proud of you!