Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring-Summer 2010 Organization Stuff


This is an organization post of what we'll be doing in May-July, 2010. This is for absolutely-positive-going-to-happen stuff. Fluttervale (that's me!) won't be playing but will be doing 100% focus on the blog so if there's anything you'd like, PM her.

You should also visit or join the organization group here for suggestions, comments, ideas, etc.


Next term, these prizes are being offered:

A Fluttervale Quilt

Quilt to be raffled to Hufflepuffs only. Earn one ticket for each completed homework that is noted as for charity. Make a note in the homework turn-in post that it is for charity (must be in the turn-in post, not a reply, so edit as necessary). Please don't earburn Fluttervale. Charity (must be completely for charity) OWL's earn 15 tickets, and NEWT's will earn one ticket for each 10 points earned. The quilt that is up for raffle is this one:

Yeah, I know it's not finished yet. It will be bordered in, most likely, coordinating blue and bound in yellow. Maybe orange. Depends on how it looks once the rest of the fabric arrives.

Set of Fluttervale Quilted Placemats

This prize will go to anyone, in any non-Hufflepuff house, raffle tickets to be earned the same way as tickets for the quilt. Mats will be made in the winner's house colors, or in House Pride colors if you prefer. Set of 4 placemats.


Ninja Needles

This badge is for anyone who completes all 18 homework assignments in any one term. Retro-active, you can take the badge if you completed Winter10, or any previous term. (RayOLR)

Personal Goal Badge

This badge is for anyone who meets their own personal goal for any given term, starting with Winter10. You can declare your goal if you wish, but you are not required to do so. (RayOLR)

The Hermoine Badge

This badge is in honor of Hermoine and her Time-Turner abilities. To earn this special badge, the Hufflepuff must complete all available assignments, all available OWL's (one for Firsties, two for everyone else), and participate in Quidditch and any other in-term activities organized by the staff. (Fluttervale)

The Ron Badge

This badge is in honor of Ron and his incredible ability to get hurt, but persevere through. This award will be given to Hufflepuffs who are afflicted with various injuries or maladies, or just sheer bad luck, during the term. Possibilities include medical issues, family emergencies, and other various issues. To win this award, you will probably want to stay active in the Common Room. (Fluttervale)

The Harry Award

This badge is in honor of Harry's selfless sacrifices through the books. A Hufflepuff can win this award by showing true character and by crossing house lines to help others. Ways to help include posting photos for someone else, sending yarn, that sort of thing. (Fluttervale)

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