Monday, March 8, 2010

February prize nominations

Hello, everyone!
Once again the prize nominations are up. Hooray! And since our house is so full of talented, intelligent, charming, polite, funny, creative, responsible, extraordinary - ahem... humble students, we are as usual quite well represented. So let's go vote for our friends:

Treesh nominated for her colonnade shawl from DADA. It sure looks cozy!
Yarnvista nominated for her ingenuous "pillow-blanket" from Charms.
Melissa13 got a nomination for her romantic golden socks from Herbology.
Lalaith nominated for her adorable mermaid from Herbology as well.
JMN nominated for her Potions' kilt hose, which look really complicated even though she said they were quick to knit.
Faerie nominated for her anti-cancer scarf from Potions.
Curiouskate nominated for her beautiful Transfiguration scarf, featuring Centered Quadruple Decreases(!).
Suzanneoswald received two nominations: for her Modified Hemlock Ring Afghan from detention and for her Luna Moth shawl, submitted as her finished OWL. Two great achievements!

Congratulations to the nominees! We are all very proud of you!

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