Sunday, August 15, 2010

July nominations

Hello, everyone. First of all, I'd like to apologize for falling off the face of the earth last month. July was a bad month for me and August isn't much better really, but at least I have some prize announcements to cheer me up. As always we've had some extraordinary projects to represent the noble house of Hufflepuff. You guys are amazing. So without further ado, the talented nominees!

In Quidditch, yarnvista drew everyone's attention with her mega awesome mega blanket for the mega challenge.
In the OWLs, Pacasha was nominated for her Unicorn inspired cabled sweater and Bijou3owl was nominated for her twinkling night sky Aeolian.
In Potions, SuperM received a nomination for her adorable songbird shawl.
In HoM, Evucis was nominated for her Little Dolls sweater, modeled by the cutest little doll ever. And since we're on the subject, StitchyWitchy was nominated for her sweet baby Lily Luna Potter doll.
In Ancient Runes, Evucis was nominated for her cute Flutter-by Daffodil socks.
In DADA, kreachr was nominated for her so beautiful South African Merino handspun, anneadeline was nominated for her extraordinarily long (!) rainbow socks and Evucis was nominated for her amazing dragonfly sweater. Pay special attention when voting for your favorite DADA projects, because the nominations are not in order. I believe Hilltopkatie was so busy drooling over kreachr's handspun that she forgot to nominate anyone else until the very end of the thread.
In charms, Evucis received a nomination for her frosted petals shawl. So romantic!
And, in Herbology, tiggersjp was nominated for her cabled Dixie pillow. Looks really cozy!

Good job, nominees! Congratulations!

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