Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Term: D minus 12 Hours!

Wheew...Break's almost over! I can't believe a month has passed!

Welcome to all Badgers, old and new. We have so much going on this term here at the Blog! Check out the links just above for prizes and the mentor program. We'll be updating daily with finished projects and keeping the whole team motivated.

I did want to post a few pre-term reminders for everyone as far as etiquette in the House Cup is concerned:

  • The professors prefer that you not earburn them (if necessary, send a PM) because they will lose their spot in their threads. This means that some people might accidentally get missed in grading (way not cool.)
  • Please remember that all staff is totally voluntary and no one is getting paid. This means that sometimes people will be away from their computer for a day or two--including even the Headmistress--and give them some slack if stuff isn't done as quickly as you expect.
  • Keep any conversation or photos in the common rooms and Great Hall relatively clean. (i.e. no naked Gerard Butler or any other given hottie.)
Some great tips for keeping everything organized:

  • Ignore the threads that aren't relevant to you (like common rooms you don't visit and old classes). You can always search for them and un-ignore them later.
  • Have a special tag for favorites that are for the house cup and OWL's. You can use it in your queue and stash, as well.

1 comment:

  1. As the month progresses and the class threads grow long with completed homework, if I don't have time to go through each thread, I usually choose to just go through the threads and look at only the ones with images. Because even if I don't have time to follow closely, I love seeing everyone else's completed projects. And if I'm uninspired myself, searching this way often gives me ideas, it lets me know what other people are doing.

    At the top of each thread, right under the title, are the "stats". (This is what the common room stats look like right now: 2178 posts, 99 images, 122 voices (who?), 317 readers
    started 3 days ago)

    Click the little picture next to "99 images", and the thread will display only posts with images.

    Maybe everyone already knows this - but I didn't find it out until mid-way through my 2nd term, and it's just one of Ravelry's features that has helped me a lot.