Sunday, April 4, 2010

March prize nominations

Prize nomination are up and, oh boy, we have lots of nominees this month! Don't forget to drop by the prizes thread to vote for them!

Yarnvista was nominated for her finished DADA OWL: a gorgeous entrelac stole.
In detention we have paganinigirl's cute baby blanket and Bijou3owl's bright orange socks.
In HOM we are represented by ajoyce's amazing Lily Potter mittens.
In Transfiguration there is faerie's wonderfully bright "tomato surprise".
In Potions we have savvy-stitch's cutest little badger and knitbunnie's quite classy cardigan.
In DADA there is hoodlumknit's funny fish hat and coribug's adorable granny square blanket.
And in Charms, Hufflepuff is really standing out with a total of four nominees: JMN with her lovely handspun purple yarn, curiouskate with her beautiful test socks, scarletfever with her Devil's snare socks and Roeska with her forest at twilight mittens.

Quite a list! Congratulations to the nominees, your beautiful projects are an inspiration to us all!

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