Saturday, April 3, 2010

Exploding Snap: A WIP Fun Frenzy!

The Newest House Cup Game: Exploding Snap!

Yes, the Hufflepuffs have invented the House Cup version of Exploding Snap. The official link is Here. The goal is to clean up your knitting/crafting area, finish the projects that didn't get finished during term, wrap up other crafting projects, and get all cleaned up for the Summer term.

We'll be tracking the game here in the Blog. Didn't sign up in time? Go ahead, play along anyways, you can still call it Exploding when you knock something out. Heck, track your own points. Projects can be worked in Snap and Detention. Make sure to post your pictures in the forum, and we'll be sure to feature some here in the Blog.

Have fun!

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