Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Movie Weekend #11 July 15, 16, 17

I love the holiday we're celebrating this week: it's "Embrace Your Geekness Day" on the 13th. Of course I know that many of us Puffs are way to cool to admit to any geekness...but personally, it's a trait I possess in great quantities, so I want to celebrate it. Somewhere online I found a list of best movies for geeks, or something like that, and here are a couple of them:

Loser (with Jason Biggs, available to view instantly from Netflix)

Serenity (also available to view instantly)

I don't know anything about Serenity, but I know I've seen it discussed in a few threads from time to time. It appeared on a list here: http://listverse.com/2008/01/27/top-20-geek-movies-of-all-time/

And in case you're trying to decide if you're a geek or not, here's a quote from the listverse site: "If you have not seen at least 15 of these movies, you can hand in your geek membership card right now." So go check out their list, and decide for yourself: geek, or not?


  1. Officially a geek at 17!

  2. Ashamed to admit my score is only 15 - but I should be able to remedy that and catch up with you by watching both of this week's movies!

  3. Real Genius also celebrates embracing one's geekiness. =)